TUIO is an open framework that defines a common protocol between a Touch device and a Application.

A - Client: define the IP of the PC that will receive TUIO events
B - Port: introduce the client port number.
C - Start: starts sending TUIO events from the chosen device to the defined client.
D - Stop: stops sending TUIO events from the chosen device to the defined client.

NOTES and limitations

  • If TUIO events are being received in the Client PC, you can now close ‘Displax Connect’, TUIO is now a Daemon (for windows)/Agent(OS X) process (it runs on the background).
  • Windows: If the devices are disconnected or have been restarted you must restart TUIO.
  • OS X: On 'Displax Connect' 1.9.0 version, if the touch injection is ON, 100 touches for the Skin Ultra (40 touches for the Skin Fit) will be recognized through TUIO. If the touch injection is OFF, only 20 touches will be recognized
  • Windows and Linux: Do not matter the status of the touch injection button, only 20 touches will be recognized through TUIO
  • Windows: Once the Board is reseted or unplugged, then you should restart TUIO, otherwise TUIO events will stop being sent to the host. But if you shutdown or restart the computer the TUIO will work and there is no need to perform the this step
  • Configuring: TUIO should be configured after configuring all touch settings (Gain, Threshold, calibration and so on)
  • It’s recommended to stop sending TUIO events before uninstalling ‘Displax Connect’